Wednesday, 1 March 2017

10 Steps For Your AC Service

Honestly speaking, you can't do much as far as the maintenance of your AC unit goes. However, with a few simple tips, you can do a few steps for breathing a new life into your AC unit. Here are those steps.
Unplug the AC unit
First of all, you should disconnect the power supply so that you can follow the next steps without any danger.
Remove the filter or cover
Remove the cover or filter so you can access the cooling coils. In some models, you have to remove the bezel or cover to get access to the inside of the AC unit. In most AC units, the cover is secured by a number of screws. Once the filter is removed, you can see the screws.
Use a Spray
You can use a cleaning agent to spray the frontal part. This will remove bad odors emitted from the mildew, dirt and debris from the coils. Make sure you don't spray the controls, wires or other parts. Ideally, you may want to use a foaming cleaner.
Clean the filter
You can use plain water to clean the filter. If the filter is in worse condition, consider a new one. If it is installed in an area that attracts a lot of dust, remove the filter every 15 hours and clean it. Once you have cleaned the filter, put the cover back and reconnect the power supply in a few minutes.
Turn it on
Turn it on and set it to "cool" mode adjusting the thermostat at the highest level. This will condense the warm air when it will pass through the system. The condensate will start working rinsing the foam and dirt from the coils. Finally, they will get trapped in the drip pipe. And then it will be thrown outside the room.
Repeat the Same Steps if needed
If you have not done anything to maintain it for a long time, repeat the same steps once again. Repeat the steps until the coils are totally clean. If the AC unit doesn't work even after repeated cleaning procedures, chances are that the compressor has failed.
Switch it off
Remove the power cord to disconnect the power supply. Now, take a closer look at the outdoor coils.
Clean the coils
The outside coils may be wet due to the rainwater. They won't need to be cleaned. However, if you are not sure, you can go ahead and clean the coils. Make sure the AC unit is off and then use the foaming cleaner. Let the cleaning agent work for a few minutes before following the next steps.
Use a garden hose
Use the garden hose for rinsing the cleaning agent. Since the outdoor coil has no condensate formed on them, you will need to nines them manually. Remember: using a direct stream of water on the coils is a bad idea. Just flow the water on the coils and the foam will float away.
Restore the power supply
After the power is restored, use a low temperature for the thermostat. The air that will come out of the AC unit should be clean and cold. If it's not, you should consider replacing the AC unit.
Long story short, these are a few steps you can take for the upkeep or service of your AC unit, but, at times, you may have to consider a replacement.