Wednesday, 1 March 2017

3 Ways To Grow Your Corporate Team Spirit

There are many amazing ways to grow your corporate team, and build lasting relationships with co-workers who have similar, or at least complimentary values. But these have been the three most effective in our experience.
1 - Mission Trip Excursions
Planning and implementing a mission trip that includes employees and their wives, or members of the teams who work together can help your team learn to rely on each other and find innovative ways to work together. Imagine... The team of techno executives in a South American Wilderness helping to build resources for a 3rd world community - sans technology? Do you think they might need to rely on each other and their team for resources that don't necessarily include technology? How much fun would it be to share the adventure and overcome any struggles that might arise due to the location, situations, and adventure of living outside their proverbial techno-box?
2 - Guided Tour or Cruise
Planning a guided tour of any one of the many vacation destinations in the world to include a wide variety of ages, personality types, and skill sets can be as much fun as actually taking the trip. Put your team together and have them plan the trip, including their families, and then send them off to enjoy a week or two of their adventure with a tour guide, or on a cruise ship. Make it a family event and send the kids. Your corporate community will benefit from the lessons learned, from the experiences, and from the adventure of sharing such a vacation with so many recognized individuals who may or may not have started their adventure as friends. They'll come back with a whole different view of their fellow team mates, and a whole new level of respect for their family lives.
3 - Corporate Training Weekend
If you can't justify sending them off for a week or two, how about a weekend excursion to include some training sessions and at least one night of fun and excitement? Cover Band Challenges, or Impersonating Soloists are a few options for your 'night on the town' after a day of hard-hitting corporate training. Strive to find a balance between the training schedule and the fun by not skimping on the fun part of the weekend. Make sure you provide something worthy of their time and effort to show up for the weekend, while you're helping them network together for a time.
The Big BANG theory of creation really didn't happen any more in nature than it will in the process of building a corporate community. Throwing executives together without a plan is just asking for failure. Put them together with a plan, fun and adventure, and group activities where they can interact and you've got a winning program for corporate team building, that works every single time.